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Quote the maxim of Equity?
Equity Sees Done That Which Ought To Be Done.
Why are there biblical scriptures quoted in the Proclamation of Peace?

Because the Bible is the foundation of all law forms.

Why do we use a thumb print to seal our Individual Writs?

It is your unique identifier, the seal of a living being.

Where do you buy 100% Cotton Bond Paper, and why is it important?
Purchased online through Amazon.
We use 100% Cotton Bond Paper to establish the importance of the documents and your Status.
When King David stated, "I offer you my humble expression of profound solace." Who was he
speaking to?
The First Peoples
of this World.
When did David Joel establish the Kingdom of David?
15th day of
January 2011.
What are the foundational laws used within the Ecclesiastical Courts?
Principles of Common Law and The Universal Maxims of Equity.
What are Ineffable Objectives?

High or lofty ideals.

How many Sacred Writs are there in total?


What does the Sacred Writ of Certiorari provide?
A Sacred Writ served on an inferior Court demanding it immediately provide any records requested by the superior Court and to remove any and all hearing schedules and docket listings concerning the matter. The Writ has the effect of stripping the inferior Court of the specific authority to hear a matter.
What is the purpose of the Sacred Writ of Mandamus?
It provides remedy or relief when any man, woman, or institution of inferior Court jurisdiction fails to obey due process and perform their duties of office.
When would the Writ of Scire Facias be used?
The Sacred Writ of Scire Facias shall be reserved for remedy against the issue of false titles, letters patent, and documents granting rights and privileges to which the parties named are not entitled.
List the Great Sacred Writs of Justice?
1. Writ of Restitutio
2. Writ of Habeas Corpus
3. Writ of Mandamus
4. Writ of Quo Warranto
5. Writ of Certiorari
6. Writ of Prohibitio
7. Writ of Procedendo
8. Writ of Coram Nobis
9. Writ of Scire Facias
10. Writ of Salvus
11. Writ of Jus Sentio
12. Writ of Interdico
13. Writ of Venia
14. Writ of Entry
What is the highest Right indentified and protected in the Kingdom of David?
The People’s Right of Standing on the Land, as stewards thereof, and the multi-generational legacy of future generations as the True Beneficiaries.
The Kingdom of David holds a perpetual land trust protected by the Office of the Protector and Advocate for the Ekklesia, what is held in this trust and what is the name of the trust?
The trust holds all rights, titles and interests to all of the lands of the World, all held in trust for the People of the World to step forward and state their right of claim.
The perpetual land trust is called "Kingdom of David Beulah Land."

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